The first week of BADLAND

The last 8 days have been by far the most exciting days in the project. It has been so amazing to see you players love the game as much as we do. We are really happy that this premium game without IAPs from a new indie studio has got all the attention we dreamed of and much more. We are now super happy and eager to be able to continue developing the game further and giving you new levels to play in the future. Thank you all for the feedback, reviews and support!

BADLAND - Editors' choice

We have already started working on Day II. We have big plans for it and we want to continue bringing something new in the Day II also. We will bring a new update that will begin the Day II next month, on May. Even before that, really soon we will bring a smaller update with new multiplayer levels to play with your friends.

BADLAND has received mostly 5 star reviews everywhere in the world. Thank you! Here’s a fresh screenshot taken from AppAnnie that collects reviews everywhere in the world:

BADLAND ratings

Here are two different kind of user reviews from users from the App Store:
Unreal game 5/5 stars
After 5 years of playing all the best itouch/iPhone games. This game goes in my top 3 ever. This means this game is incredible. This is like an Xbox360 arcade game on an iPhone. Unreal 10/10 A must buy. Definately worth $4!

HORRIBLE!!!! 1/5 stars
I paid 4.99 to fly some stupid black thing around a tunnel??? That’s it?? Complete waste of time and money, I don’t recommend this to anyone! If some people like it, hey, that’s great, but this app certainly doesn’t work for me!

And here are some reviews from critics:

AppSmile 5/5 “BADLAND is a standout game that we can’t stop playing.”
Slide to Play 4/4 “Badland’s unique gameplay and atmosphere make it a must-download.”
AppSpy 5/5 “BADLAND doesn’t simply look pretty, it’s an absolute treat to play”
Apple’n’Apps 5/5 “one of the best experiences on iOS.”
GamesAbyss 9.5/10 “At 3.99, Badland is an absolute steal, and should be picked up by anyone” 9.3/10 “one of the most beautiful games we’ve played this year” 9.2/10 “Badland is easily one of the best iOS games of the year”
Destructoid 9/10 “A hallmark of excellence.”
Arcade Sushi 9/10 “definitely worth the asking price and deserves a space among some of the other artistic and visually stunning iOS games out there”
148Apps 4.5/5 “challenging and immensely enjoyable romp.”
Macworld 4.5/5 “chucks you headfirst into explosive environmental hazards, but each round leaves you wanting more”
Pelit 90/100 “Nokkela ja tuore variaatio yhden napin runner-genrestä pelattavaksi yksin tai yhdessä”
Maclife 4/5 “Simple, gorgeous, and brutal, Badland is a real treat for the senses that marvels as it challenges.”
Gamezebo 4/5 “frequently clever and always gorgeous side-scroller for iOS”
Edge 6/10 “with tighter controls Frogmind’s charismatic debut would be a memorable one”
Pocket Gamer UK 6/10 “A gorgeous-looking game, Badland doesn’t quite have the moves to make it a classic”


  • Ampe says:

    Pocket Gamer and Edge sucks! Waiting for updates :) Best game in iOS!

  • nadav says:

    ja ja ja … i love this quote, you have above; “to fly some stupid black thing around a tunnel??? “. so off the point!

    any sensible player takes note really fast … the “thing” is really sweet, fragile and friendly! it seams like some kind of primitive mix of a rat and bat … either way its defiantly a mammal, hence, capable of having feelings! we should find it a name!

    and its not a tunnel, its a spooky magical swamp forest … like something from a Shakespeare dream land … but its not dreamland its badland!

  • Nhan Phan says:

    Will this be released for PC also @___@ I’m addicted to it already, but I wanna be able to play this on mah PC