100 000 players!

We are thrilled to say that after a week from the game’s launch there are now over 100 000 players of BADLAND. We are so happy to be able to continue developing the game and bringing you more content to play in the future.

100000 players

BADLAND has been developed fully independently (no publishers, no investors) by our two-man indie game studio Frogmind with the help of a part-time audio designer, Joonas Turner. BADLAND is Frogmind’s first game and its development took one year of full-time work from both of the studio’s founders, Johannes Vuorinen (code) and Juhana Myllys (art).

BADLAND review roundup part 2:
5/5 – hitphone.fr
4/4 – Padvance.com
9.75/10 – Short & Sweet Reviews
4.5/5 – TouchArcade
9/10 – Gamer.nl
4/5 – BunchofGamers
4/5 – App Chronicles
8/10 – GamesReviews
App of the week – iPhoneclub.nl
Game of the week – AppAdvice
App of the day – Pocket-lint
Best new apps – The Verge
“But the birds that star in Frogmind’s game aren’t angry. They’re terrified.” – Wired.com
“recommending it to any mobile gamer is a no-brainer.” – Inglorious Gamer
“a satisfying, challenging trip through a nightmarish landscape” – Badass Digest

“Badland for iOS might be the mobile game you’ve been waiting for” – TECHi


  • Tom Ohle says:

    Awesome, congrats! How the hell did you guys do that? :) Honestly, as a PR rep who works on a bunch of mobile games, the road to success (i.e. sales) is so nebulous… sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Obviously you guys got the first part — making a great game — right :)

    • Thanks!

      We concentrated on developing the game 99,5% of the time to make it perfect. The 0,5% we wrote this blog, posted gameplay videos and screenshots. Players and press got interested in those, and after that everything has happened pretty much automatically. We did not put any money on marketing – only some of our own work time.

  • Dan says:

    Super congrats guys! I remember you showing this to me at GDC and it looked amazing, well deserved! :D

  • I am a game devloper from Italy and I honestly have to say that you guys have balls and good taste! Not everyone would do this for a year and with this good result. My best wishes for the future!

  • Anonymous says:

    I love that game

  • Lauren says:

    I Ilove that game