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BADLAND 2 is the sequel to Apple’s Game of the Year winner BADLAND!

Fly and survive through fantastic, hand-painted worlds filled with imaginative traps, puzzles and obstacles!

Witness the award-winning world of BADLAND in even more stunning beauty with levels that extend and scroll to all directions. Survive through new elements such as liquids, flamethrowers, frost, magma, water and volumetric burning light. Fall down deadly rifts, fly to any direction, compete online and race & jump along the surfaces as a rolling character on your way to safety.

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  • Victor Breum

    One question: Android?

    • Johannes Vuorinen

      It’s coming. We are working hard on it

      • Victor Breum

        Awesome to hear, that’s all I needed to know :D

      • Axzel Godoy

        Can you plz release a beta as you working on it plz

      • martin langel

        How hard? 8 months ago, no badland 2 in playstore yet

      • One question from me too: Steam?

  • Elioth Hédiguer

    one question : Windows Phone?

    • SpiritTsUnamiX

      Mdr Elioth tu m’a tuer il est sortis sur android mec !

  • SpiritTsUnamiX

    Please Window’s Phone ! I love Badland original and I’m on Window’s Phone ! Please

  • mohammad muhieddine

    I really want to see it on steam for pc ? Is ther any project for this ?? Thanks for answering :)

  • Vlad Unguru

    Yeah, we can see everybody wants this game on Android devices!! I want this, too, cause I’m a big fan of this game. And I have a question: will I be able to make my own levels in this new Badland, like in the first Badland?

  • David Foreman

    Will Badland 2 be coming to the Apple TV? If so when do you think it will be roughly

  • Joao

    Any android release date ?

  • Danilo :P

    Patience, badland for Android. plz, relase data?

  • Ойбек Кучкаров

    Is it true that one site says concerning release date on Android platfrom as 15th April ?

  • NoNameLTU

    Badland 2 caming to day?

  • Костя Маков

    Pleeeeease, can you release at least beta version, i tired to waiting

  • Zain

    What about four-player local multiplayer?I loved it but it isn’t there in Badland 2!

  • iliago

    when version for Android will be released?

  • Костя Маков

    i hate you, where is android ver?!?

  • Reginald Bellbooty Hamsterwank

    Has the android version been dropped? It’s been over 6 months now. Should we just give up hope?

  • pmarci66

    Will it be available on Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile?

  • AMAN

    When i was searching badland 2 for android i just saw BADLAND 2 in google play, its not for my country,
    but there were no FROGMIND but only Clean Master Games. What is this

  • AMAN

    I want official BADLAND 2 for Android

  • عمر محمد

    Port it windows 10 mobile as the first episode.

  • Jacob Leshner

    When will badlands 2 get local multiplayer? That was the best feature of 1 the co op mode and vs !!!!

  • Virid

    Hello, I love your game! I played this game on Androind and I bought it
    in steam market, but… I want it play with my friends on touch screen
    display, but I can’t.. Please, can you add this improvement to this
    game? -> BADLAND: Game of the Year Edition <- Thank you!!

  • Ammar

    when is badland 2 will be available on PS4



  • Alberto Carraro

    there is any way that bad lands 2 will have the 2 player on the same device? I really enjoyed that feature

  • Matthew Rodriguez

    When will this be released for PC and PS4? Me and my friends love playing 4 player on PS4. We replay all the old levels over and over again!

  • PLΔSTIC (Plastic)

    Will there ever be a level editor for BADLAND 2, That was the reason everyone kept playing it after completing the levels because you could always find new levels to play, Im done with BADLAND 2 And I Have Nothing Else To Do On It. I really Want A Level Editor.

  • Tarroum Hajer

    i love this game soooo much

  • Natox

    A HUGE QUESTION: Will there be a level editor for BADLAND 2 ??? (I mean of course but i just wanna make sure :))))

  • İrfan

    Have a coop mode??

  • İrfan

    Hey have a cooo modee???

  • İrfan


  • Ravior Metal

    Will it come to PC, too? I just loved to play the GOTY of Badland 1 from my couch with friends.

  • benkannagari saiteja

    Can 4 members play at a time on a single mobile

  • Toaster Animations

    Is there a Level editor in badland 2?

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