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  • Victor Breum

    One question: Android?

    • Johannes Vuorinen

      It’s coming. We are working hard on it

      • Victor Breum

        Awesome to hear, that’s all I needed to know :D

      • Axzel Godoy

        Can you plz release a beta as you working on it plz

      • martin langel

        How hard? 8 months ago, no badland 2 in playstore yet

      • One question from me too: Steam?

      • 101 gooballs

        can you plz put a recorder and Camera for badland 2 Level editor plz

  • Elioth Hédiguer

    one question : Windows Phone?

    • SpiritTsUnamiX

      Mdr Elioth tu m’a tuer il est sortis sur android mec !

  • SpiritTsUnamiX

    Please Window’s Phone ! I love Badland original and I’m on Window’s Phone ! Please

  • mohammad muhieddine

    I really want to see it on steam for pc ? Is ther any project for this ?? Thanks for answering :)

  • Vlad Unguru

    Yeah, we can see everybody wants this game on Android devices!! I want this, too, cause I’m a big fan of this game. And I have a question: will I be able to make my own levels in this new Badland, like in the first Badland?

  • David Foreman

    Will Badland 2 be coming to the Apple TV? If so when do you think it will be roughly

  • Joao

    Any android release date ?

  • Danilo :P

    Patience, badland for Android. plz, relase data?

  • Ойбек Кучкаров

    Is it true that one site says concerning release date on Android platfrom as 15th April ?

  • NoNameLTU

    Badland 2 caming to day?

  • Костя Маков

    Pleeeeease, can you release at least beta version, i tired to waiting

  • Zain

    What about four-player local multiplayer?I loved it but it isn’t there in Badland 2!

  • iliago

    when version for Android will be released?

  • Костя Маков

    i hate you, where is android ver?!?

  • Reginald Bellbooty Hamsterwank

    Has the android version been dropped? It’s been over 6 months now. Should we just give up hope?

  • pmarci66

    Will it be available on Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile?

  • AMAN

    When i was searching badland 2 for android i just saw BADLAND 2 in google play, its not for my country,
    but there were no FROGMIND but only Clean Master Games. What is this

  • AMAN

    I want official BADLAND 2 for Android

  • عمر محمد

    Port it windows 10 mobile as the first episode.

  • Jacob Leshner

    When will badlands 2 get local multiplayer? That was the best feature of 1 the co op mode and vs !!!!

  • Virid

    Hello, I love your game! I played this game on Androind and I bought it
    in steam market, but… I want it play with my friends on touch screen
    display, but I can’t.. Please, can you add this improvement to this
    game? -> BADLAND: Game of the Year Edition <- Thank you!!

  • Ammar

    when is badland 2 will be available on PS4



  • Alberto Carraro

    there is any way that bad lands 2 will have the 2 player on the same device? I really enjoyed that feature

  • Matthew Rodriguez

    When will this be released for PC and PS4? Me and my friends love playing 4 player on PS4. We replay all the old levels over and over again!

  • PLΔSTIC (Plastic)

    Will there ever be a level editor for BADLAND 2, That was the reason everyone kept playing it after completing the levels because you could always find new levels to play, Im done with BADLAND 2 And I Have Nothing Else To Do On It. I really Want A Level Editor.

  • Tarroum Hajer

    i love this game soooo much

  • Natox

    A HUGE QUESTION: Will there be a level editor for BADLAND 2 ??? (I mean of course but i just wanna make sure :))))

  • İrfan

    Have a coop mode??

  • İrfan

    Hey have a cooo modee???

  • İrfan


  • Ravior Metal

    Will it come to PC, too? I just loved to play the GOTY of Badland 1 from my couch with friends.

  • benkannagari saiteja

    Can 4 members play at a time on a single mobile

  • Toaster Animations

    Is there a Level editor in badland 2?

  • Kaustubh Shinde

    Badland 2 is multiplayer or single player only?

  • 101 gooballs

    One question BADLAND2 level editor with sound recorder and Camera

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