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BADLAND is a multi-award-winning side-scrolling action adventure game with innovative physics-based gameplay, deviously creative levels and stunning atmospheric graphics and audio.
Played by over 30 million players BADLAND has been rated as one of the top rated games on mobile (4.7/5 stars).

BADLAND’s single player mode is a 100-level unique experience from delightful Dawn to the ominous Doomsday. In addition to the over 15-hour single player experience,
BADLAND also includes co-op and multiplayer modes for up to four players playing with the same device.



Little roman numeral icons in the level selection menu?

In the level selection menu, the little roman numeral icons indicate which levels you have passed through with a one try.

Can you do online multiplayer?

Online multiplayer is one of the most requested features for Badland.
However there are some concerns about the network latency, and how it will affect the physics based gameplay, which requires precision and exact timing to be enjoyable, or even playable.
Due to the high number of requests for the feature, we might still attempt implementing it in the future, but at the moment it's not planned for the upcoming updates.

I want to do business with you, who do I contact?

If you want to do business with us, please contact


How can I reset my progress?

BADLAND automatically syncs its progress to iCloud. There's unfortunately no way in-game to prevent or reset this at the moment.

The game does not sync my game progress between my iOS devices. What's wrong?

For iCloud to work, make sure you have it enabled on all of your devices in your device's Settings -> iCloud -> "Documents & Data". Some users have reported that they have needed to enable also "Use Cellular Data" in the iCloud settings to get it working. Also, make sure you have the same iCloud account used in your devices and that every device is connected to the internet. Then, start the game, play one level and now the game progress should get synced between devices.

The game won't start. All I can see is a splash screen with Frogmind logo

Try rebooting your device and try again. If rebooting does not help, some users have reported that resetting their device to factory settings and reinstalling the game has helped. If these steps do not help, please contact us through the contact form below and report which device model and iOS version you have.

There's no sound!

  • Make sure the mute switch on the side of the device is not set to mute.
  • Check that the volume in the device is set to audible by pressing the knobs on the side of the device.
  • Finally make sure that the in-game volume slider is set to audible through main menu's options menu (top-right corner).
  • If you still cannot hear any sound, try rebooting your device and try again. If that does not help, check a few other apps that they play sound normally.
  • If they do not, resetting your device to factory settings might help but make sure that you have backups first.

I am unhappy with the game. I'd like to get a refund.

You can apply for a refund using iTunes account management -> Purchase history -> Report a problem.


I am seeing an error popup with code 920/921/492/481/498/491/989/478/458/-24/"Invalid package file" when downloading the game, or my download is stopping at 92%! What's wrong?

There has been some issue with the download from Google Play. Please try one of these methods to fix the issue:

Method 1

Clear cache for Google Play Store from Settings > Apps > Google Play - Restart your Device - Go to the Google Play Store and update, or install BADLAND.

Method 2

  • Go to System Settings > Accounts > Google > Remove your Gmail account (the account that is synched with Google Play Store)
  • Now from Settings > Apps > All > Force stop, Clear data and cache for the Google Play Store, Google Service Framework and Download Manager
  • Reboot your device
  • Now again go to Settings > Accounts > Google > Add your Gmail account
  • Go to Google Play Store and update or install BADLAND

If I have purchased Premium Pack (or any other in-app purchases) on one Android device, does it also move to my other Android devices?

Yes, as long as you are logged in with the same Google account when downloading and playing the game. In some rare cases the purchases might show as not purchased.
In this case, make sure you are logged in with the correct Google account, uninstall and re-download the game.

My progress does not sync between my Android devices. What's wrong?

Make sure you are logged in to Google+ inside the game with all of the Android devices. This enables the cloud syncing feature. The syncing itself happens automatically as soon as possible when running the game. It might not have synced when you are in the main menu, but when you navigate a while in the menus, you should soon notice in the game's progress that the syncing has happened. Make sure that you have been connected to the internet with all of the devices while you have been playing the game.

How can I exit the game?

BADLAND supports immersive mode that was introduced in Android 4.4. It removes maximizes the screen usage by removing the back button from the screen.
In order to exit the game, you need to swipe your finger from the side of the device.

SD card issue

This is quite typical Google Play issue and it can occur on any application.
You could try following these steps to solve the issue:

  • Go to the Settings menu for your device.
  • Navigate to Applications -> Manage Applications -> All -> Google Play Store.
  • Tap the Clear Cache button.

Ask anything from us

If you didn't find an answer above, or want to know something completely different about BADLAND, please don't hesitate to ask.

  • Amie Kindred

    My premium that I bought is gone: it’s like I never bought it in the first place. There was an update that said it was suppose to fix it today but it didn’t. I use a kindle HDX.

    • frogmindgames

      Apologies for the inconvenience. Please contact at support@frogmindgames:disqus .com to receive an email notification when we have update out which will fix the issue.

  • Katie Woodworth

    How do I join a group?

    • frogmindgames

      Hey Katie, which group do you mean?

  • Andrea

    How can i cancel all progress i did? I have played only Day I time ago but now i wish to restart from the very beginning. Is there a way to do it?

    • frogmindgames

      Unfortunately the short answer is no. Currently there is no progress reset feature in BADLAND. However, there’s a workaround by switching into another account (iCloud, Google Play, Amazon, etc.) on your device. This prevents the progress from being synched from the former account.

  • mel

    I bought the premium package through Amazon Fire Stick. After playing this wonderful game for a few weeks, it suddenly decided that I only had the free copy…and would prompt me to buy again. I would attempt to do so, but Amazon knew I already owned it, and would say so. This leaves me with locked levels and no way to get back to the level I was on. I have forced stopped the app, cleared cache, uninstalled and installed again and I don’t know what else to do. Any help would be appreciated as I don’t know what else to do.

    • frogmindgames

      Apologies for the inconvenience. Please contact at to receive an email notification when we have update out which will fix the issue.

  • Telene Johnston

    i also puchased the premium edition of badlands using my amazon fire stick, and it unlocked everything for about one day. now it is limiting me as though i have only the free version and i am prompted to purchase all over again.

    why is this happening and why is there no response to this issue by frogmind.

    i’m very disappointed, as this is such a fun and atmosphericly awesome game and now i’m stuck :(

    • frogmindgames

      Apologies for the inconvenience. Please contact at to receive an email notification when we have update out which will fix the issue.

      • Telene Johnston

        yay! thanks for the response, frogmind folk :)

        as it turns out, my boyfriend figured out how to “fix” the error. here’re the steps we use every time to continue where we’d left off in the premium version:

        1) after having played together in coop mode, we exit the game completely
        2) next time we start it up again, everything in coop mode is invariably locked
        3) switch to single player mode & browse through every premium day/level that is available to see
        4) go back; select coop mode
        5) et voila! – all our progress is back and we can move forward :D

        great job on this game, btw. SO addictively fun!!

        • Telene Johnston

          okay, this fix i posted is no longer working. i cannot get back into the premium edition where my levels are unlocked no matter what i try.

          frogmind: how long until you get that update out? :( sad players here :(

          • frogmindgames

            Hey Telene! We’re really sorry about this situation :-( Right now we’re testing a new update for the Amazon version, and hopefully we’ll get it online soon!

          • Telene Johnston

            Boy I sure hope so! I seriously miss the co-op play on this game SO HARD. It was a ridiculous amount of fun to play with the boyfriend, and such a deal! Thanks for making this game – I hope to be able to enjoy playing it again soon :(

          • frogmindgames

            Hey again! The fixed version should now be available as update. Please give it a try :)

  • frogmindgames

    Apologies for the trouble on the Amazon version of BADLAND. We are fixing the in-app purchase issue. For further questions or support in this matter, please contact at:

  • harold

    How do you get to multiplayer mode on the mobile version?

    • frogmindgames

      Hey Harold!

      On the mobile version of BADLAND multiplayer is played on the same device. Up to 4 players can play simultaneously. Multiplayer modes are “Coop” and “Multiplayer”, which can be accessed from the main menu of BADLAND.

  • Himesh Panchal

    How do i reset the game ? On android* i want to play the game from start

    • AMAN

      Go to Android setting -> Apps -> BADLAND -> clear data
      But I think it will clear the premium package

  • Marina

    Hi! I have actualized badland, but the ipad of my son is too old for it (IOS 5.1), so I would like to download the previous version to have it in my computer, but I don´t see how, could you please help me? Sorry, no need to answer, I have transferred it again from the ipad to my computer, thanks.

  • Marina

    Sorry, no need to answer, I have transferred it again from the ipad to my computer, thanks.

  • Péter Krisztián Szabó

    Hello there, is the icon on ios going to include this finger from now on? It looks creepy. Any chance to get the old one back? Or maybe just ditch the crosshair and the finger from this version?

  • Bombshell Angelle (Jelly)

    I finally downloaded this game, and I had a blast playing through Dawn. So I was excited to start some new challenges on the higher levels. After I clicked the first level on Day, it asked me if I wanted to upgrade, I clicked no, an ad played, I closed the ad, and the game crashed. (This happens every time.) Help?

  • Mayank Pandey

    How to play badland with my ps4 controller on android

  • Telene Johnston

    Well, it’s been about two months, and I still cannot play this game properly with my boyfriend.

    When can we expect a fix?

  • Bryant

    I have a problem where there is a soft ware update on iOS 9.1 where it fixes an issue that the update button doesn’t work and they said they fixed it but it still doesn’t work I was recommended to contact frog mind you guys could solve this issue where the update won’t install pls help thanks.

  • Bogdanovic Grigorije

    What software was the game made with and what software is generally used for games like Badland, Leo’s Fortune, Jelly Jump, etc.?

    • frogmindgames


      BADLAND is running on Cocos2d ( ), which was modifier to suit BADLAND’s features.

  • Amiram Tapiro

    I bought the app from my AppStore on my iPhone 5, but it is not downloading.
    I think i will have my money back, thanks.

    • frogmindgames

      Hey Amiram

      Unfortunately we can’t affect the App Store downloads working or not, it’s entirely up to the App Store service. I hope you managed to get BADLAND downloading!


    My game doesn’t cloud sync. I downloaded it twice already, signed in the same google+ account but it cannot sync my game progress. I have my achievements on Google play games and I am on day 2 already. Please check on it.

  • DarkGamer101

    So I bought they game about 1 year ago and about 7 months ago I lost my full package purchase. So this post is a request for me to be able to restore my purchases.

    • frogmindgames

      Hey DarkGamer101

      I’m sorry about the inconvenience with the in-app-purchases. Could you please contact us at in order to exchange some account details to further investigate the issue and hopefully solve it :)

  • Jackie Rehmani

    Hi guys, congratulations on Badland 2 it’s awesome! I have been playing Badland 1 for awhile now and was prompted to install the latest update but something has gone wrong. It now appears as a grey icon with installing circle but never actually finishes, in the app store the bring down from icloud icon can be tapped but again it won’t complete install. I am wondering if I delete the game if I will lose my data which I have spent countless hours on obtaining healthy clone counts, achievements and missions. I’m on an ipad 2.

    • frogmindgames

      Hey Jackie!

      Apologies for the inconvenience. Your game progress should be safe in the iCloud, which you appear to be using on your device. So it should be safe to remove BADLAND from your device, and do a re-install. Please make sure your iPad 2 iOS version is up-to-date.

      I hope the re-install works, and you get to play BADLAND again :)

      In case the re-install doesn’t help, please contact us at: for more support in solving this issue.

  • Michael King

    Hi. I left Verizon and joined googles project fi. Bought a nexus 6p 128g. They sent me a replacement phone and im still having the same issue. The screen is delayed (and other problems)and makes it impossible to play badland and other games in tight situations. Has anyone else complained about this issue? The game was flawless on my note 3.and now I lost all of my progress except for my achievement. Thanks

  • stefmz 7

    Hey! So I have a problem. When I try to make stones that enlarge look what happens:
    I can’t connect the blue thing to the enlarging thing. When I try it flashes(the line and goes) away. So how do I connect the curve to the enlarging thing?

  • Alisa Shekoyan

    my phone is Huaewei Nexus 6p and I cant connect to facebook. It says that game isnt available for my phone but i can play it

  • Eli Castillo

    Hello, I want to ask about backgrounds and artist concept in this game. Could you tell me who are the artist behind this amazing work?
    Thank you :D
    PD: Sorry for my English :(

    • frogmindgames

      Hello Eli!

      Thanks for contacting us!
      Juhana Myllys has designed, and painted all of the art seen in BADLAND and BADLAND 2.

  • Nikolaj Benjamin Kongsbirk

    Hey. Ive got the new Samsung Galaxy S7 but apperently it wont sync properly. Ive done 91 levels but on the new device it only says 76. On mission Ive done 271 but it only says 228.
    What can i do?

  • Patrick Lipps

    Here’s something new for ya, Frogmind.
    Few days ago, I was wanting to play the game, right? I tapped the app and it took me a gray screen that said “Downloader: Starting.” Seems innocuous, right? Well, it’s been going off-and-on for a few days and earlier today, I just decided to leave it alone and do its thing.
    That was four hours ago. No exaggeration. FOUR HOURS!!
    Help me, guys! It’s an amazing game and I want to be able to play it!

  • Daanii Kusnanta

    Hi, i’m just downloaded badland from playstore and when i play it for the first time, the music won’t play until now, not just that, when i play first level it runs for a few seconds and stuck forever, please fix it or tell me the solutions

  • MuShi AtreiDes

    how can i get badland for ios 5.1.1?

  • James

    Hi I have a T mobile Samsung galaxy s3 lte phone model sgh-t999l. The phone is recently factory reset. The game is running extremely sluggish on this phone. Rhe music is not smooth just pure jittering. What are the requirements for this game?
    I have played this game on a nexus 4 with no issues.

  • Daniel Dorris

    How many days does BADLAND have? It says there are 5 days but I only have 2. Do Doomsday, Daydream, and Eternal Day count as the other 3?

Above did not help? Contact our support