First BADLAND update is here!

Today is a historic day for Frogmind and BADLAND. :) We just released our first update! At the very beginning when we started developing BADLAND we wanted to make a game that has a great potential for expanding. Our mission is to bring new content regularly. We have lots of ideas and stuff that we want to experiment so you can always expect something new when the update is released. In this current update we fixed some bugs and made some small adjustments and most importantly added four new multiplayer levels! Our next update on May will be huge, it will begin the Day II.

This is what's new:
– Four new multiplayer levels!
– The level result screen now always animates the completed missions in the current session
– Fixed Apparatus level's bigger power-up placement
– Small bug fixes

Here's a picture from one of the new multiplayer levels, ROULETTE:


  • nadav says:

    a NAME … please update that! you can have a FB poll or a tournament or what ever, but get that lovely bat-rat a name … waiting 4 day 2! all the bast!

  • trendymood says:

    I love your game it is beautiful! Do you develop it for android too? I hope so!

  • dr_Begemot says:

    Hi! I played in your game and it’s great! If it’s no secret what part of box2d you used for implement a “flapping wings”?

  • Pete says:

    I love this game and am utterly addicted! I have one suggestion for the next release. At the end of each level, could you show the “score” ? ie which of the eggs you have been awarded. At the moment, to retry a level and do better, I have to exit to the menu

    Keep up me great work!!

    Pete ;-)

  • Ouss says:

    I kind become addicted to this amazing game(a bit cruel) and I’m so frustrated that I’m still in level 14 where I’m scwashed over and over and over again by those 2 bars….is there any guide or help for the game as you progress