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The Official Guide to BADLAND is here!

We collaborated with the good people from Steel Media and here's what came out of it: The Official Pocket Gamer Guide to BADLAND! Check it out, it's only for iPad and it's completely free: Features: – Complete breakdown of the game's elements, such as power-ups – What they do, what they look like, and why […]

Day II Begins… Now!

This is a big day for BADLAND! Today we bring you the first 10 'Dawn' levels for Day II in Update #2 for BADLAND. Let's hope you like it! We are already working hard with the 'Noon' section so you can expect it to be inside your iDevice on late June / early July. These […]

First BADLAND update is here!

Today is a historic day for Frogmind and BADLAND. :) We just released our first update! At the very beginning when we started developing BADLAND we wanted to make a game that has a great potential for expanding. Our mission is to bring new content regularly. We have lots of ideas and stuff that we […]

Only Nine More Days to Wait!

BADLAND will be out next week, on Thursday April 4th! While you are waiting, here's a new video that showcases one of BADLAND's features: the Replay Mode. As you can see it has a little slider that allows you to adjust time. It's a goofy little tool to fool around with. BADLAND also features Everyplay […]

BADLAND’s visual inspirations – Part 2

Let’s continue this hugely popular series concerning BADLAND’s visual inspirers :) This time I’m going to show you some old masters that has inspired BADLAND’s colorful look. I’m a big fan of American art movement called The Hudson River School. It was a mid-19th century group composed by landscape painters. Rather than tell you all […]

BADLAND’s visual inspirations – Part 1

Some people have wished behind the scenes stuff + concepts and sketches from BADLAND. Well, here we go! The following blog post will start a series of entries concerning BADLAND’s visual inspirations. I’ll start by telling you about the influences that ultimately kicked off the visual development. The most significant inspiration source: Nature At the […]

What a week!

We announced our first game BADLAND and it was very well received! Although we teased BADLAND with only one image it captured people’s interest nicely. We like to thank all the people who helped us promoting BADLAND in all the forums, Facebook, Twitter and so on. Also pages like, Mobile Gaming News and Finnish […]