BADLAND: Game of the Year Edition Available on Seven New Platforms

The Clones have been released onto Xbox One, PS4, PC/Mac/Linux (through Steam), PS3 & PSVita. Wii U is coming in July. Check out the launch trailer below:

The GOTY Edition builds on the strengths of original game with revamped controls, lots of content, local multiplayer awesomeness for up-to-4 players and with enhanced Full-HD visuals. Experience the multi-award-winning action adventure like never before – redesigned for consoles & PC.

The GOTY Edition in a nutshell:
– Revamped controls using analog stick and buttons. Full directional control over your character(s).
– Lots of content: 10 to 15 hours and 100 levels of single-player story, 100 co-op levels, 17 multiplayer versus levels.
– Enhanced Full-HD visuals
– All versions support up-to-four-players on a local multiplayer awesomeness. Play the whole story through together with your friends and family or see who’s the last Clone standing in the multiplayer versus mode!
– PlayStation versions support Cross-Buy (single purchase for all 3 platforms) and Cross-Save (game progress is synched between the PS3™, PS4™ and PS Vita versions)

Check out some of the reviews: – “Contains hours of fun” (8 / 10) – “The multiplayer mode is fantastic” (8 / 10) – “Deliciously difficult” (8 / 10) – “Highly recommendable” (85 / 100 & the Joystick Award)
IGN Hungary – “Impressive” (9 / 10) – “Perfect for the Vita” (9 / 10)
WhatsYourTagBlog – “Awesome!” (8.5 / 10) – “Challenging, fun and darn addictive” (9.5 / 10)
Video – Rooster Teeth shows how to play co-op!

Clones have a tough time in their natural habitat as you can see from this documentary (shot within the actual BADLAND forests):

So be sure to check the game out and join to #SaveTheClones. They need your help!

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If you are a Steam user, get the game from Steam .