Monthly Archives: July 2012

Gaming experience and what we think about it

Both of us here at Frogmind have a long history of gaming starting from the late 80’s. We have played thousands of different games starting from Commodore 64 all the way to the new iPad. In the process we have learned what are the elements we like and dislike in games and in game business. […]

What are we doing? Watch our DevCam!

You might have already noticed the little window in the right. It’s our development camera and it shows live video from our indie studio. Now you can see what we are doing here, and maybe spot something about BADLAND we yet haven’t told or shown. There is usually one of us around in the office […]

What a week!

We announced our first game BADLAND and it was very well received! Although we teased BADLAND with only one image it captured people’s interest nicely. We like to thank all the people who helped us promoting BADLAND in all the forums, Facebook, Twitter and so on. Also pages like, Mobile Gaming News and Finnish […]

Frogmind proudly presents: BADLAND coming to iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch!

BADLAND is an atmospheric side-scrolling action adventure coming to iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. We, the developers behind BADLAND, Johannes Vuorinen and Juhana Myllys, are two experienced game developers and gamers who decided after finishing our most successful game projects at RedLynx (Trials Evolution & MotoHeroz) that now is the perfect time to go indie […]