What are we doing? Watch our DevCam!

You might have already noticed the little window in the right. It’s our development camera and it shows live video from our indie studio. Now you can see what we are doing here, and maybe spot something about BADLAND we yet haven’t told or shown. There is usually one of us around in the office on weekdays between 8:00am – 8:00pm (GMT+2).

We moved to this nice little office space just two weeks ago in the same day we announced BADLAND. Before that we had mainly been working from home. This moving also meant us that we now can fully focus on BADLAND as we finished our subcontract project.

The office space has been rented for us by Aalto Startup Center. It’s just perfect for us two. The address is Frogmind Ltd, Energiakuja 3, 00180 Helsinki, Finland (in case you want to send us fan/hate mail)

Frogmind's indie studio

The best part: we have a beautiful sea view. :)

Frogmind's studio

This week’s big thanks go to our new French fans at ApplicationIphone.com:

To TechZwn.com:

And to EpicBrew.net:


  • Andy says:

    Tell me if you want your ass kicked at Fifa 12, you can send me an invite for a game then.. ^^

    • Juhana says:

      Hi Andy!

      Really? Really! Our Xbox Live gamertag is toope79 so send us your friend request and we’ll see who is who in Fifa :)

  • Tav says:

    …it seems that the release date just got delayed for couple of months – thanks to Fifa. Get back to work guys! We are watching you! ;)

  • Arvant says:

    You and your team are the best role model for me.
    we start with cocos2d-x
    Total time for this project was it?
    I love your game and your team.
    i too start my game start up and your team is very Excellent model for me and my team
    i am from iran and i am sorry for my English language :)