Monthly Archives: March 2013

Only Nine More Days to Wait!

BADLAND will be out next week, on Thursday April 4th! While you are waiting, here's a new video that showcases one of BADLAND's features: the Replay Mode. As you can see it has a little slider that allows you to adjust time. It's a goofy little tool to fool around with. BADLAND also features Everyplay […]

Release date announcement & new gameplay trailer

We have some announcements to make! Good news and bad news really. Bad news is that BADLAND won't make it to the App Store this March but the good news is that it will be launched soon enough, April 4th to be precise! To celebrate this we give you a new gameplay trailer. This time […]

It is DONE!

We are really happy to announce that BADLAND is DONE! :) We want to thank all the testers that helped us out to catch bugs and tweak things to the perfection. We are now really, really satisfied with the result. We are very happy that we had time to implement every feature we wanted to […]