• Ampe says:

    Congratulations guys! Yesterday I created an New Zealand Apple ID only for downloading the game earlier :)

  • Amlan says:

    Hello!When is the next update coming…This is by far the best game on iPad!!!

  • Roy SUPERIOR says:

    I am hopelessly stuck in size matters. I don’t know what’ve will wear out first, my finger or my patience. If you want a decent review, help me out…the controls are lousy.

    • Pasi says:

      it’s enough to just hold your finger on the screen to get the character fly up. it sounds like you are tapping

  • Tyron says:

    It’s all great that the releases are done on Apple, but in honesty, screw Apple. When is the Android version releasing. This dev looks incredible.

    • C says:

      Nah, screw Android. Frogmind doesn’t have time to make an app for 500 different versions of Android.

      • Dasoman says:

        Yes, screw Android and its 60% market share!

      • Madomano says:

        Totally wrong my friend! badland seems to not ask for a powerfull device so….Can work on 80-85% of android Smartphones…
        This game’s look incredible! Please Devs! I know that Android costumers are every time looking for free Apps, but a game like this? It definetly deserve to put some money on the table to buy it! I will surely do!

  • Galaxyexplorer says:

    Congratulations for such a great game! The atmosphere and artstyle is very unique! I see a lot 5 stars ratings in the german store (from me too;). Beside all the great ios music production apps now one of my favourite apps on my iPhone 5! Looking forward…..

  • sam says:

    Were you guys at all influenced by the game Limbo while making this side scroller? I loved that game and am simply obsessed with Badland as a result. Here is the video of the game i’m speaking of for people who don’t know what Limbo is.


  • Daniel says:

    Hey guys! amazing game! but, my iPad and iPhone doesn’t sync the games. What am I doing wrong?

    • Hi Daniel and thanks!

      For iCloud to work, make sure you have it enabled on all of your devices in your device’s Settings -> iCloud -> “Documents & Data”. Some users have reported that they have needed to enable also “Use Cellular Data” in the iCloud settings to get it working.

      Also, make sure you have the same iCloud account used in your devices.

      And, make sure every device is connected to the internet.

      Then, start the game and maybe play one level and now the game progress should get synced between devices.

  • Arto Toropainen says:

    Amazing game! I would love to play it on my Nexus 7.

    • Anonymous says:

      Me too! I’m an android user, I’m not going to change for an ios product, but I NEED this game on my note 2 ! Just amazing!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey guys! I love this game!

    Do you think you will ever release it on android?