Status update and a new screenshot

We have been really busy developing mostly BADLAND’s menus since our last blog post. We want to keep things simple and want to make sure that you players can easily continue the game from where you left it with only one or two touch interactions. Also, we have been implementing iCloud support so that you have the same game progress in every iOS device you own.

In other exciting news, listed TouchArcade App Users’ Top Ten Most Anticipated Upcoming Games – October 2012 and BADLAND is #5! This really great because the list is entirely based on users.

Also, we have been nominated as a finalist for Game Connection Europe 2012 Selected Projects! So, we are going to be at Paris in 28.-30. November. Meet us there! (we might have an iPad with us with BADLAND on it ;)

And finally, no blog post without a new screenshot: