BIG thanks and warm welcome to our new fans!

Last Tuesday was a really, really exciting day for us. We showed the most important part of the game in public: the actual gameplay in a video. We are so thrilled of all this attention we got with it! BIG thanks for all the feedback and warm welcome to you all, our new fans! It’s really nice to hear that you guys like the unique atmosphere and gameplay we are building.

This really gave us an extra kick to release the game as soon as possible. However, we do not want to rush as we want BADLAND to be as great and polished gaming experience as possible. We’ll tell you about our release plans as soon as we are able to say better.

A few answers to questions that have been asked quite a lot:

“How do you control the character?”
BADLAND uses one touch controls. When you hold your touch on the screen, the character flies up, and when you release your touch, the character falls down. So, you do not have to rapidly tap the screen to flap the wings. Depth in the gameplay comes from the imaginative level design and various “items” that the character must (or must not) collect in order to survive. Some items make the character bigger, some make it smaller, some make it roll like a tire and some clone the character as can be seen in the gameplay video. There are still lots of items which we haven’t shown or talked about yet.

“Is it an endless game with random generated content?”
BADLAND consists of various handcrafted levels. What you saw there in our gameplay video was an example of one of those levels. However, we are trying to achieve something a bit different than just random levels after another. The whole gaming experience should feel more like a solid adventure than just separate levels that don’t have anything to do with each other.

“Will it come to Android/Steam/PSP/etc.?”
We would like to release the game in all the possible platforms but we want to focus on one platform at a time. We want to really polish the game to the perfection first on iOS, and then we will check out the other platforms.

Many sites noticed BADLAND.

Big thanks to them! Here’s a list of few of them:
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