Let me introduce you to Chico Mello, one of the best BADLAND players in the universe!

Life is good sometimes and occasionally we find top notch BADLAND players who really put their mind and soul to it. We got a chance to interview Chico Mello a.k.a “<|-|!<0” , the #1 player in the world with 3282 clones saved.


Doomsday Evil level played by Chico Mello

Ok lets start this!

1. Tell me something about yourself?
I’m from Brazil and I’m 24 years old.

2. How did you hear about Badland?
Saw it on Apple Store and it was Apple’s birthday or something so I was able to download it for free.

3. How long have you been playing Badland?
I’m not sure about this one, but it’s definitely for more than a year.

4. Favorite level?
I love them all, but if I have to choose one I would say “Shields”

5. What feature would you like to add to Badland?
I always loved the idea of playing the multiplayer online, not on the same device. But I know that’s almost impossible due to the amount of information Badland levels have and it would be very hard to keep things in sync, so more levels is the only thing I can think about since the game is perfect. Maybe a different powerup or levels with water on it. A kind of “boss” would be cool too, a living creature of some kind, maybe the crazy bunny that we see on the background.

6. Hardest achievement?
“God Status” – Complete the level Flaw with the chained character. Or completing all levels with one try.

7. Hardest one try?

8. Hardest mission?
I will go with “Collect all powerups on Accelerator”

9. Any special magic trick you used to beat those hard Doomsday levels
through? Do you have some kind of a training program to beat those hard
Doomsday levels? :)
No training, just getting use to controls sensitivity and the level itself, it gets easier each time. (Not easy only easier)

10. Do you play Multiplayer mode or Co-Op mode? If you do, what was the funniest thing that happened?
I did but alone, in what Lunartic like to call “2 Thumb Madness”. So the funniest thing is the actual gameplay with two fingers, your brain goes crazy and sometimes you confuse left with right.

11. Your tips to other players?
Don’t give up, Badland is all about perseverance. You have to be prepared to die in the end of a level, right when you were about to complete a mission or save a lot of clones, and being able to start over and overcome frustration.
And also information, which you can find at badland.gamerz.co. I discovered some things there that took the game to a whole new level.

12. You are awesome at Badland! What is your secret?
Love, I just love Badland and saving clones.

13. Greetings to the Badland team
Congratulations to you all for creating not only one of the best, most creative game of all times, but also for creating art. I can’t even begin to understand how the ideas for creating the levels come to your awesome minds, it seems like you guys had a little visit on the future and come back with those fresh ideas and beautiful creations. I just hope you are all working on more even if you all deserve vacation for a lifetime already.

Thanks Chico Mello and good luck for your further struggles with BADLAND. May the Clones be with you!

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  • Roberto Carrizo says:

    woooow fantastic interview,that guy is amazing,how cant play like that,is a frustration,but has right,perseverance is the key.i also want to say thanks to developers for such fantastic creation,really awesome game,beautifully crafted.