BADLAND goes COOP, Doomsday and turns one year old

Wow. Lots of stuff happened since last blog post. I guess that has kept us too busy to update this blog. Our apologies for the lack of updates. We are totally alive and hands full of new stuff related to BADLAND!

Latest update, update number #15, brought the awesome cooperative mode to BADLAND. Now you can play the modified Day I levels together with your friends similar to the regular multiplayer. Only this time you are not playing against but for the common good.

COOP in action:

The update before in April brought the Doomsday Level pack with 10 hardcore levels. These were designed especially for our hardcore level loving fans. April 4th was also the first anniversary of BADLAND. Awesome year behind, and even more awesome year ahead of us. Exciting times!

Doomsday levels in action:

BADLAND has also received a lot of new awards and nominations. To name a few, BADLAND won the Grand Prix award in IMGA, best tablet game in the Webby Awards, Best Mobile Game in the Satellite Awards and received three nominations in the BAFTA. And finally, one of the coolest award BADLAND received during the past six months was the App Store iPad Game of the Year 2013 by Apple itself.

Btw, lots of exciting new things happening in the BADLAND world as well. Too early to talk at this point still. Stay tuned :)