The Official Guide to BADLAND is here!

We collaborated with the good people from Steel Media and here's what came out of it: The Official Pocket Gamer Guide to BADLAND!
Check it out, it's only for iPad and it's completely free:


– Complete breakdown of the game's elements, such as power-ups – What they do, what they look like, and why you should get to know them intimately
– Exclusive walkthrough videos of the toughest levels, as selected by Frogmind
– Essential expert tips from Frogmind
– Developer interview
– And more to come in future updates

The Official Guide Icon

btw. More info about updates and future plans coming soon!


  • mark says:

    Why no android version? Android leads the smartphone market and people are willing to pay… so frustrating to have a game like this on a platform with a smaller market share.

  • atilla says:

    I, too waiting this game to come up in android. I am willing to pay for this game, not for an apple device.

  • Spirit says:

    when will be another multiplayer levels?thanks Spirit

  • Kullua says:

    Why do we lose our ranking in game enter when our scores exceed 1000 clones on Day 1.   Our scores are no loner shown!

  • Constant1ne says:

    I am waiting this great game come to Android and I’m gonna buy it when it does!

  • Patricia says:

    But I’m playing it on my i-Phone and I don’t have an i-Pad. I’m not about to buy one! It’s like you don’t want people to have this :P