Many reasons to celebrate! BADLAND -50% off for a limited time!

So many reasons to celebrate. First of all, we have got so much positive feedback from you (200 000+) players about BADLAND that it is completely overwhelming. Thank you so much! Also, we got the ultimate award from Apple by receiving the Apple Design Award in WWDC last week! The trophy is so cool! Here's a picture taken in the same evening in Johannes' hotel room in San Francisco: (btw, it glows when you touch it, so it wasn't the best possible companion to sleep with ;)

Apple Design Award

In addition, it's now midsummer in the Northern Hemisphere and here in Finland the sun never actually properly sets. Here's a fresh photo taken in the late evening (~11 pm) here in Finland. Very lovely time of the year.

Finnish Summer

To celebrate all this, we decided to put BADLAND on sale. BADLAND is -50% off for a limited time! Grab it from App Store:

And btw, the next big update which brings the next 10 levels for Day II will be available in early July. Stay tuned! :)


  • Gary says:

    Omg.. This is outstanding.. It’s the type of game that comes along and blows more bubble wrapped finger fun games out of the water. Will done badlands you have made gaming once again fun, thoughtful and original .

  • Matt says:

    Hey! I just have an idea for your game, how about a level creator? people could create their very own amazing levels, it would be awesome and SO MUCH FUN, I play the app Bike Baron and one of the best and funnest parts about it is that you can build your own levels, play them, and even share them to other people with the same app! Please add this to BADLAND! it would be awesome!