Finalization & testing

This is the month when BADLAND gets its last finalizations and tunes. Almost all levels are ready but we want to test them a lot to make them perfect before the launch. This is where we would like to get some help from you people. If you are interested in beta testing BADLAND already before its launch, drop us an email at In the email, tell us something about yourself and which iOS devices (and their operating system version) you own. We have only very limited number of slots available so we unfortunately cannot take everyone. We are going to use TestFlight ( to distribute the build to the chosen testers.

Some of you have asked about the multiplayer which was shown in our last blog post whether or not its available in iPhone and iPod touch. The answer is yes – it works exactly the same way as shown in the video playing with iPad.

Also, Juhana made a nice image about all the four different sections in the game: Dawn, Noon, Dusk and Night. Enjoy! :)