Day II continues with 10 new levels!

BADLAND just received another big update: Day II continues with 10 new unique levels with new features containing 30 new missions and 5 new achievements!

The update is completely free so just go to App Store and download the update:

We hope you enjoy the new levels as much as we do! Feel free to give us any feedback in the comments or by contacting us straight through the contact from in

Also, there are now more than 250 000 players in BADLAND! Thank you for the support! :)

And btw, we started working on the next update which will bring more content to the multiplayer.

BADLAND - Day II - Noon

BADLAND - Day II - Noon
BADLAND - Day II - Noon


  • Me says:

    Thank u? <3

  • Bas says:

    This is one of the most beautiful and innovative games I have ever played. The artwork is simply stunning and I love your character designs. Chapeau!

  • Felix Manojh S says:

    Hey guys , the game is just simply brilliant . I work as Product Manager for a big gaming company and I have to say that this is one of the very few games which provides users the perfect gameplay experience and yet charges so less for it. wish you guys all the success for a stupendous growth .

  • Leslie says:

    I met Michel Gagne last year at Orycon in Portland, Oregon, USA. He showed a preview of this game and the marvelous artwork. I am so excited to have it on my iPad now, and FREE through the app store promotion. Wow. You guys rock! I can hardly wait to play it…..

  • Dominik says:

    Fantastic update!

  • albert says:

    when it will be available for android?

  • Dom says:

    Please don’t stop your work … release part II, III & n … I will buy them all :)
    Great game, thanks!

  • Spirit says:

    When will be an update with new levels for multiplayer.Thanks Spirit

  • Blau says:

    APP for Android, pleeeeease!!!

  • Steez says:

    When are u releasing new levels? this game is fucking awesome. keep it up:)

  • android user says:

    I want you to take my money but you refuse it ;(