Day II continues very soon!

The next big update bringing the next 10 levels for Day II is going to be on your iDevices very soon! Here's a screenshot from the level selection screen. We again have lots of new surprises in the levels :)

Day II - Noon

In other news, BADLAND reached this week yet another amazing mark. There are now over quarter of a million of you, BADLAND players! Thank you all for your support and feedback!

So, what's next after this update? More multiplayer levels! Yep, it's time to bring you new fresh content for the multiplayer. While creating the new multiplayer levels, we'll also continue developing the Day II and prepare to bring the next 10 levels in Dusk section. So – lots of new surprises coming! Have a great summer time everyone!

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  • Spirit says:

    Great news!! Multiplayer is the best game on iPad!Singleplayer is so good too.Thanks boys!