BADLAND’s visual inspirations – Part 2

Let’s continue this hugely popular series concerning BADLAND’s visual inspirers :)

This time I’m going to show you some old masters that has inspired BADLAND’s colorful look. I’m a big fan of American art movement called The Hudson River School. It was a mid-19th century group composed by landscape painters. Rather than tell you all about that movement, I’m just going to present some of my favorite works from those influential artist.

Thomas Cole:

Asher Brown:

George Inness:

And of course we want to show some new BADLAND art. It’s a little sneak peak to the future, what ever that means…


  • Just a little something I noticed while scrolling the page with windowed browser…

    I’m liking these art articles, maybe go into more detail about your workflow and such later on?

    It would also be interesting to read about the game design and your approach to that, your philosophy and how do you collaborate with each other as a two pretty different people in character and in profession.

    • Juhana says:

      Nice notice! Insane coincidence!

      For sure there will be blog entries concerning our work flow and Frogmind’s approach on game design.