BADLAND out now on BlackBerry World + an introduction!

BADLAND is now available on Blackberry World!

BlackBerry Z10, Z30, Q5 and Q10 users can now join the journey and play through all the 70 hauntingly atmospheric levels of Badland.

Badland on BlackBerry

Badland on BlackBerry Z10

It is thrilling to get the game in front of new users. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Feel free to give us any feedback about anything.

Many of you have been asking also about the Android version. It is getting closer every day. We are hard at work on making it happen rather sooner than later but there is no specific date yet.

I would also like to take this opportunity to personally greet all of you Badlanders and introduce myself. I just joined the two brilliant guys of Frogmind. I will be helping them on the operational and marketing side and ensuring they have more time to work on their art, which is making the games. One of the reasons I’m here is also so that we as Frogmind can spend more time communicating with all of you. I’m hoping we get a good dialog going and can add more value for you also through supporting the games on the social media side. Please join us on the Frogmind journey, which is only in the beginning!

Thanks for all your awesome support and feedback!

Teemu Mäki-Patola
COO & CMO / Frogmind

Ps: Don’t forget to join the second prize winning campaign on our Facebook page starting tonight! Like BADLAND at for more details.

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