BADLAND is coming to Android and BlackBerry 10!

We have great news for all Android and BlackBerry 10 users! BADLAND is coming to both of these platforms! Check out these fresh videos running BADLAND on Google Nexus 7 and BlackBerry Z10:

If you want to try these out, the guy behind BADLAND’s audio, Joonas Turner, will be at PAX in Seattle this weekend in PAX 10 BADLAND booth with Google Nexus 7, BlackBerry Z10 and of course iPad available running the game. Come and say hi to him! :)

So, when is it coming?

Our best answer at the moment is “soon” or “as soon as they are done”. There’s still work to do. We want BADLAND to be as good gaming experience on Android and BlackBerry 10 as it is now on iOS. We’ll let you know about release dates as soon as we know.

Also, celebrating our PAX presence, the game is now limited time 50% off on App Store!