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Day II begins next week!

It has been such an amazing month. BADLAND keeps getting new players and praising reviews which means that we have been very pleased to develop the game further. Your wait is finally getting over for the Day II to arrive as we have now finished the Dawn section of it. The first 10 levels of […]

100 000 players!

We are thrilled to say that after a week from the game’s launch there are now over 100 000 players of BADLAND. We are so happy to be able to continue developing the game and bringing you more content to play in the future. BADLAND has been developed fully independently (no publishers, no investors) by […]

The first week of BADLAND

The last 8 days have been by far the most exciting days in the project. It has been so amazing to see you players love the game as much as we do. We are really happy that this premium game without IAPs from a new indie studio has got all the attention we dreamed of […]

Release date announcement & new gameplay trailer

We have some announcements to make! Good news and bad news really. Bad news is that BADLAND won't make it to the App Store this March but the good news is that it will be launched soon enough, April 4th to be precise! To celebrate this we give you a new gameplay trailer. This time […]

It is DONE!

We are really happy to announce that BADLAND is DONE! :) We want to thank all the testers that helped us out to catch bugs and tweak things to the perfection. We are now really, really satisfied with the result. We are very happy that we had time to implement every feature we wanted to […]

Finalization & testing

This is the month when BADLAND gets its last finalizations and tunes. Almost all levels are ready but we want to test them a lot to make them perfect before the launch. This is where we would like to get some help from you people. If you are interested in beta testing BADLAND already before […]

First multiplayer gameplay video of BADLAND!

We are happy to announce that BADLAND will feature local multiplayer for up to four players playing in the same device! Here's a quick video showing it in action in a noon level: The multiplayer is all about survival of the fittest – with no rules. It's completely okay to push your opponent to a […]

Release plans, screenshots and greets from GC Europe!

Wow, what a month! As mentioned in the last blog post, we visited Game Connection Europe in Paris on late November. BADLAND was selected there as one of the 15 finalists (out of over 100) in the Selected Projects competition. We saw awesome presentations about 15 upcoming games for various platforms from tablets to consoles […]