BADLAND’s visual inspirations – Part 1

Some people have wished behind the scenes stuff + concepts and sketches from BADLAND. Well, here we go! The following blog post will start a series of entries concerning BADLAND’s visual inspirations. I’ll start by telling you about the influences that ultimately kicked off the visual development.

The most significant inspiration source: Nature

At the very beginning when we started composing ideas of an atmospheric and interesting gaming environment we thought of some sort of curious forest. I think there’s always something mystical when you go to the woods because you’ll never know what you’ll see or find there. You can find harmony in the forest. At the same time a bear can come and eat you while you are still alive. Because of that thrilling contrast a forest is a perfect surrounding for BADLAND.
Finland is a very beautiful country full of forests and lakes (and bears). To find a good reference material you just have to go out and take your camera with you. While there are influences from Finnish environments in BADLAND the main focus was still in tropical forests. We didn’t want BADLAND to feel too familiar so we created this place with an intriguing mix of various features from the forests all around the world.

Here is a little collage which contains reference images gathered mainly from the internet or from my own photo collection. If you find a picture here that you have copyrights and don’t like it to be here tell us and we remove it.

Here is a small sample on how sometimes a reference image offers you almost exactly what you were looking for.

And related to all that, here is some new BADLAND art:

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